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Condo Milestone Inspections Florida

Condominium associations must have milestone inspections performed for each building that is three stories or more in height by December 24 of the year the building reaches 25 or 30 years of age and every ten years after that. If the building is within three miles of a coastline (direct contact with the open sea), a milestone inspection is required by December 24 of the year the building reaches 25 years of age and every ten years after that. A building’s age is based on the date the certificate of occupancy was issued.

What Types of Buildings Are Included?

A “Condominium milestone structural inspection” is a two-phase inspection. The phase one milestone inspection is a visual structural inspection of a building, including its load-bearing walls and primary structural systems, by a licensed engineer like EMA Structural Forensic Engineers. Its purpose is to confirm the life safety and adequacy of the building’s structural components and determine its general structural condition as it affects building safety. A milestone inspection should include, to the extent reasonably possible, a determination of any necessary maintenance, repair or replacement of any structural component of the building.

Based on the results of the phase one milestone inspections, the engineers can recommend more testing of various elements and must prepare a structural condition report showing the extent of repairs needed and the association budgets to successfully carryout the repairs. Most three or higher buildings within three miles of the Florida coastline will need the milestone inspections after 25 years and then after each 10-year period. Condominium building outside of the 3-mile zone must be inspected after 30 years.

Florida Condominium Milestone Inspections. How Does it Work?

When a building becomes 25 year or older, the county or city code compliance officials send a Notice of Required Inspection to the property owner. Milestone Inspections are based on the anniversary of the original Building or Structure’s Certificate of Occupancy.
The Florida Condominium Safety Bill, also known as the Florida Condo Inspection Bill, is a bill that would require mandatory building inspections and reserve studies for certain condominiums in the Sunshine State. The proposed Senate Bill 1702, though, did not pass.

EMA Structural Forensic Engineers are diligently providing Milestone Phase one Inspection throughout Florida by our licensed professional engineers.

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What If I Do Not Receive a Notice for Inspection?

In some cases, owners of property do not receive a Notice of Required Inspection. However, property owners are still responsible for obtaining the recertification. They are also responsible for having the building recertified every 10 years following the initial recertification. If buildings are not recertified, owners can be liable if an accident or other incident occurs at the site.

Do you know someone that owns a building that is coming up on its 40th birthday? Have you received a letter from your municipality that is requesting a 40-year recertification? If so, we can complete the inspection and provide a thorough report for your building. Please share this information with your friends and family.

Condominium Milestone Inspections. What Do Inspections Include?

Inspections must be performed by licensed engineers like EMA Structural Forensic Engineers. Our expert engineers look at many aspects of the buildings foundational and electrical systems, including foundation, roofing systems, masonry rearing walls, steel frames, flooring, concrete framing systems, windows, wood framing, loading, electrical service, branch circuits, conduit raceways, and emergency lighting.
According to Florida statutes, the new Milestone Inspection Report must have the following:

The seal and signature of the licensed engineer or architect who performed the inspection.
The manner and type of inspections performed.
Identification of the substantial structural deterioration and a description of the deterioration.
State whether unsafe or dangerous conditions exist.
Recommend any remedial or preventative repairs.
Identify any further items requiring further inspection.
Upon completion of this report, a sealed copy must be furnished to the Condominium or Co-Op and to the building officials in the local government body who has jurisdiction over the building.

The association must distribute a copy of the report to each unit owner by US Mail or electronic mail if the owners have given consent. They must post a copy of the summary in a conspicuous place on the property and publish a copy of the website if required.

Local enforcement agencies may give deadlines to complete the work necessary to get into compliance. All repairs must commence within 365 days of receipt of such report.

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