Miami Structural Engineers, Forensic Engineers

Structural Engineers Miami

Miami Structural Engineers Miami, structural Engineers Fort Lauderdale, EMA can help the architects, builders, and developers to get high-quality structural engineering services including structural design, structural analysis for buildings, structural drawings preparations, structural peer review.

Damage Inspections by Structural Engineers, Forensic Engineers

EMA provides Building structural condition and building damage inspections in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi & north eastern states after major hurricanes including Andrew, Charlie, Katrina, Rita, Michael & Irma to insurance carriers & third party administrators.

Residential fire damage, Commercial fire damage

We provide building fire damage inspection to structural frames of residential and commercial structures in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Jacksonville Florida, and Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and south-East states.

Hail damage Miami structural Engineers, Forensic Engineers

Our Structural engineers Miami provide building hail damage inspection to roofs, metal buildings, structural frames of residential and commercial structures in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the south-East states.

Soil erosion damages

We provided building damage inspections to the building as a result of soil erosion under and around foundations of both residential & commercial buildings Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South-East states.


We provided storm damage and flood damage inspections in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, & in New Orleans, Lafayette, Morgan City in Louisiana, Baton Rouge.

EMA Structural Engineers & threshold inspectors have extensive experience of performing and providing threshold engineering and threshold inspection services for airport buildings, high rise buildings, sports arenas, commercial and industrial building per Florida statues and codes under the guidelines of a threshold inspection plan. We provide threshold inspection services for high-rise, airport building, commercial and industrial projects. We do not appoint concrete/field technician or untrained representatives as our threshold reps. like many material testing labs, and other firms. Our threshold inspector’s reps. are trained engineers who have experience of design as well as construction monitoring and inspections. They are NOT technicians as employed by many competitors. Our fees are highly competitive.

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